Best Double Drop D Guitar Tuning online

Online Double Drop D Guitar Tuning (D, B, G, D, A, D)

Here’s an online guitar tuner for Double Drop D guitar tuning, a very interesting and certainly a contemporary tuning, starting from a regular drop D tuning it could be used to achieve more “open” sounds and “uncommon” voicing chords on your guitar.

Double Drop D guitar tuning is another common alternative to the standard method of tuning a guitar. With this type of tuning, you would be able to produce fantastic chord articulations and produce unique notes and impressive music. It usually works with both low and high string tuned to the same note.

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Double drop D guitar tuning is a variation popularized in the electric guitar early days and is one useful tuning as well today. The legendary Jimmy Page used a few double drop D guitars tuned this way for some famous Led Zeppelin’s songs.

To get double drop D guitar tuning, tune to a Drop D tuning – and the rest is lowering the first E string (the highest) two semitones from E. The result will be a guitar tuned like this: D, B G, D, A, D instead of E, B, G, D, A, D tuning that is the regular Drop D.

So how do you tune a guitar – that is previously tuned in standard tuning – to Double Drop D guitar tuning ?…without using a guitar tuner? Simply by tuning both E strings (1st and 6th) down by a whole tone (from the E note to D note).

In Double Drop D guitar tuning, you should tune the high E string to D. You may use the D on B string as your guide if you don’t use our online guitar tuner. You can also play a piano or a keyboard to help you with tuning.

Tune the guitar low E string to D. Just double check if both of these low and high strings are accurately tuned. Even the slightest difference can be noticeable, especially for a trained ear in music – check your tuning by playing a D chord. On Double Drop D guitar tuning, this chord should be the 3rd string, second fret and the 2nd string, third fret. Strum all of your guitar six strings.

Retune your strings gradually as most guitars can break the strings when tuning to double drop D because of metal fatigue. It frequently happens when you return your high E string to standard guitar tuning. Make sure that you retune the strings in a slow manner.

If by chance you’re using a capo, you’ll have to retune when placing or removing the guitar’s capo. With your guitar tuned to double drop D, you could experiment and create great tunes and voicing with this exotic tuning.If you are looking for new tools to your personal guitar playing knowledge arsenal, always take in consideration to try different alternate tunings like double drop D guitar tuning as well as this online guitar tuner…and have an enrichment experience.