Best Online guitar tuner

Easy online guitar tuning on this website where you’ll find the best online tuners available on the net for free. Tune your guitar online with the most popular tunings and with some luck, you are going to learn to tune by ear (assuming that you don’t know it yet).

There are a couple of ways for tuning your guitar. One is with a digital or electronic tuner. You may buy an inexpensive guitar tuner, in any musical shop. The second way is learning to tune by ear.

If you’re planning to tune your instrument by ear, we have programmed an online guitar tuner for each of the tunings found on this website – to be used as references for the notes’ pitches. This information is necessary to adjust the strings’ strength and obtain the desired note.

Guitar Tuner from GTDB

What is an Online Guitar Tuner?

In the first place, our online guitar tuner is a flash animation that shows the first two frets of the fretboard. It is simple, hit any string on the selected tuning and it will sound the correct note. With this one, you would be able to emulate (copying by ear) the sounds generated by on your computer speakers and reproduce them on the instrument.

Tuning the guitar online should be very easy. Choose the note that you need to tune up and hit it. If they sound different than the one in the tuner, it means that the string is not in tune. Look what happens – this is valid for alternate and standard tuning:- If the sound of your string is a bit low*, you have to strengthen the string tension.
– If the note appears to be a little high*, diminish the tension.
– It can take a few minutes to get both sounds alike – the one on the tuner and the one from the string.
– Just then, repeat the process for the rest of the strings.

– Finally, test with harmonics. Requires having all the strings tuned up together. If something sounds bad, test each again with the tuner of each string until finding the “out-of- tune” one.

*The idea of “high” or “low” is subjective and hard to understand at the beginning. Only keep in mind that a “higher” sound is more similar to the thinnest strings/frets. (E.g. the highest sound is produced by picking your first string at the 22th or 24th fret), and the “lower” sounds are those that seem to be emitted by the thicker strings. (in a six string instrument, the lowest sound produced by the 6th – or last – string played open).With the use of a tool like our online tuner and with some regular practice, surely you can master this task. Also, and at the same time, it could be an excellent idea to train your ear and to buy an electronic guitar tuner. Always try to learn to play the guitar in perfect tune, good luck.